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Help Us Name the HEC

After performing extensive renovations this past winter, the three main venus at the HEC feel like completely new spaces.  We thought that it was only fitting that they were given fresh new names to match the fresh look and feel of the Halifax Exhibition Centre.  Previously known as the Prospect Room, Goodwood Room and Exhibition Hall, we are looking for your help in renaming these newly renovated spaces. While the current room names were taken from the surrounding area, the new names could be anything:


-Historic person or event

-Local tradition

-Symbol of our maritime heritage


Most importantly, we’re looking for names that reflect the culture and history of the Halifax area.  Winning names will be selected by our panel of judges. The winner of the contest will be recognized at the naming ceremony and receive two, year-long all-access passes to all HEC events.  

For full contest rules and regulation Click Here
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